How to find PDF files inside a specific website domain in Google

In the previous article, I wrote a quick tip about how to find PDF files in Google’s search using the special “filetype” command. But the tip is for PDF, XLS, DOC or any other file type.

If you still do not know, there are several special advanced search commands on Google that can make your search easier … Gradually, I’ll show you one by one around here.

Now, I’ll teach you how to find a PDF file inside a website, in practice:

Let’s assume you want to search for a PDF ebook about marketing within the site Resultados Digitais. What do you do?

  1. Go to GOOGLE
  2. In the search bar, type: ebook marketing filetype:pdf
  3. Press ENTER
  4. Did I see a sparkle in your eyes? Look what a perfect result!

Now, in the search results, you can see multiple PDF files with marketing material, but only those ebooks that are within the domain of the site Resultados Digitais (, as exemplified in the image below:


Did you like it? Did you see how easy it is?

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